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What is the best material for changing room storage lockers?

    As we all know, public changing room storage lockers just like public toilets, are becoming increasingly inseparable from their use.
    There are many common materials for changing room lockers, such as plastic, which is not fire-resistant; like iron, which is prone to rusting. Even man-made panels, which are fire-resistant and non-rusting, have to be considered for their resistance to moisture and impact. It is clear that the phenolic solid material is suitable for most public changing rooms. It is something we need to focus on and understand.

    Changing rooms are often a place where moisture is present and our lockers must be water and moisture-resistant to make them more durable. To make our lockers more waterproof, the most important thing is that the raw material itself is fire resistant.

    Through the comparison of various changing room locker materials, we found that our Phenolic solid material has a good moisture-proof and waterproof effect. In our opinion, the use of phenolic compact laminate panels can also have the following benefits:

    1. The strength of the phenolic compact laminate is a very good advantage for our changing room storage lockers. In this way, our storage lockers are protected from wear and tear due to excessive use.

    2. Good fire performance. The most common threat in our life is fire, and the best protection against fire is to improve the fire performance of our panels. Therefore, the use of the compact laminate board, to improve our locker fire rating has an extremely important role. It can be seen that changing room storage lockers are still the most appropriate to use waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-resistant, and durable phenolic compact laminate panels for lockers.