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What are the differences between the Compact laminate Board and the Density Board?

    Compact laminate board in building materials and decoration, home furniture industry doubly favoured by manufacturers, Estall introduced, how to distinguish between resistant board and density board, their respective advantages and disadvantages and how they are? How to differentiate between the speciality board and density board, the main thing is to understand its characteristics and production process.
    Compact laminate board: Its core is a multi-layer with phenolic resin soaked with the finest kraft paper, plus a surface layer of melamine-soaked decorative colour paper, pressed under pressure and a temperature of 1430psi (150℃) and become.
    Density board: Density board is made of wood fibre or other plant fibre as raw material, which is broken, separated dried, glued and then hot pressed.
    Compared with the density board, the Compact laminate board also have the following advantages:
    First, high density, which is significantly higher than the density board in the resistance to external blows. The density of the anti-belts is 1450 while the density board is around 850.

     Second, acid and alkali resistance is easy to clean and other characteristics than density board are much superior. Therefore, the main reason why the resistance is to be able to see its figure in all areas of home decoration, especially in public places, such as bathroom partitions, lockers, and hospitals.
    Third, resistance to being able to resist moisture and waterproofing is more advantageous than the density board. Because the density board is glued into the adhesive, once the erosion of water vapour, it is easy to cause the density board glueing.
    Fourth, the fireproof and waterproof performance is much higher than the density board, because of its high density, it is difficult to be ignited, while the density board is easy to be ignited, often in major fire accidents, the density board can be said to be on fire.
    Fifthly, the surface treatment of the resistance plate is colourful but also can be shaped to deal with, more rich resistance to the diversity of the family.
    Therefore, it is not difficult for us to tell which one is better, of course, compared with the special board, the density board is not useless! With the same specifications, the density board is still much cheaper than the compact board.
    The so-called penny is wise and the pound foolish, I believe that everyone the choose of plate at the same time not only for the sake of immediate interests but also for more long-term consideration, the compact board is a good choice.