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What are the differences between compact laminate board and density board?

   Phenolic compact laminate board in the building materials decoration and home furniture industry is popular among manufacturers, how to distinguish between compact laminate board and density board, main thing is to understand its characteristics and production process.

    Phenolic Compact laminate board: Its core is a multi-layer of top-quality kraft paper soaked with phenolic resin, plus a surface layer of decorative color paper soaked by melamine, pressed under pressure, and a temperature of 1430psi (150oC).

   Density board: density board is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after breaking, fiber separation and drying, gluing, and then after hot pressing a kind of board.

Compared with the high-density board, phenolic compact laminate also has the following advantages:

    First, the high density, which is significantly higher than the density of the board in terms of resistance to external force hit. The density of phenolic compact laminate is 1450 while that of the density board is about 850.

    Secondly, the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance and easy cleaning are much superior to density board. Therefore, the main reason why phenolic compact laminate can be seen in various fields of home decoration, especially in public places, such as bathroom partitions, lockers, and hospitals.

    Third, the phenolic compact laminate in moisture and water resistance, than the density board is more advantageous. Because the density board is glued into the adhesive, so once the erosion of water vapor, it is easy to cause the density board open glue.



   Fourth, phenolic compact laminate board fire waterproof performance is much higher than the density board, due to its high density, it is difficult to be ignited, while the density board is easy to be ignited, often in major fire accidents, the density board can be said to be on fire.

    Fifth, the surface treatment of the phenolic compact laminate board is colorful, can also be shaped processing, and enrich the diversity of the phenolic compact laminate family.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, I believe that we should not only choose the board for the immediate benefit but also for the more long-term consideration, the phenolic compact laminate board from Estall is a good choice.