Cubicle Partition Hardware

Toilet cubicle partitions are widely used in the development of human society,especially HPL(SGL) cubicle partitions. It’s preventing some disease from spreading; it’s protecting human personal privacy. It’s an indispensable and important infrastructure in the history of human development. Accordingly, the components that makeup and connect these facilities are also very heavy.  Let’s see what they are.

HPL Toilet Partition Indication Locks

HPL Toilet Partition Handles/Door Knobs

HPL Toilet Partition Coat Hooks

HPL Toilet Cubicle Partition Hinges

HPL Toilet Cubicle Partition Supporting Legs

HPL Toilet Cubicle Partition Brackets

HPL Toilet Cubicle Partition other Accessories

U profiel
Headrail Connector
Corner Profile
Hanging Code
Aluminum Headrail
304SS Headrail