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Disposable puncture device for laparoscopy (knifeless type)

  Disposable laparoscopic puncture device for laparoscopic examination and surgical procedures, the human abdominal wall tissue puncture, to establish the working channel of laparotomy.
  A disposable laparoscopic puncturer is mainly composed of a button, air injection valve, cannula, and puncture core. According to the configuration of the different parts, it can be composed of a knifeless puncturer, an anti-fouling puncturer, and an assistant puncturer.


1. Double containment valve membrane

Small instrument insertion force and dragging force, good airtightness, suitable for 5~12mm instruments.

2. Sheath external barbed thread

The puncture is smooth, anti-pulling, and dislodging, and the puncture device is firmly placed on the abdominal wall.

3. Integral airtight components

Remove the gas-tight assembly and remove the specimen directly from the sheath to avoid specimen contamination.

4. Punctured core end double-sided separator

When the puncture is made, the muscle fibers are separated in accordance with the muscle, and after extraction without cutting the muscle, each base of the puncture hole closes by itself after the operation, and the incidence of puncture hole hernia is low.

5. Piercing core transparent cone head end

Endoscopic direct vision controls the entire process of abdominal wall puncture and is less likely to damage abdominal tissues.

6. 45° beveled opening at the head end of the sheath

The specimen is easily accessible to the sheath, leaving room for instrument manipulation.


For laparoscopic examinations and surgical procedures, puncturing the human abdominal wall tissue and establishing the working channel for laparotomy.



Item Code

Inner diameter of puncture cannula

Working length

Disposable puncture device for laparoscopy (knifeless type)

A: 5



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A: 12