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Ergonomic Adjustable Desks

    Ergonomic Desk, also called Height Adjustable Desk, is increasingly used in homes and workplaces to prevent cervical, shoulder, lumbar, and hip diseases caused by sedentary office posture. The lift table is very adaptable and can be adjusted according to the height of different heights. Therefore, if placed at home, adults and children can use it, both young and old. The alternating sitting and standing office can help stimulate creative inspiration, relieve fatigue, and improve work efficiency.

Height Adjustable Desk

Dual Motor Electric Table With 3-Stage Column.

Suitable for adults and children of different heights.

Clean lines of adjustable-height frame, with its industry-leading lifting capacity of 100kg(220lbs).

Frame SizeW(39.8”- 66.9”)× D22.6”
Top SizeW70.9” × D31.5”(Max)
Height Range24”- 49.6”
Max. Lifting Capacity 100kg(220 lbs)
Speed0.59”-1.57”/s (Normal:1.26”)
ColourBlack/Silver/White, Customized

Details of Ergonomic Adjustable Desk

     Regarding the tabletop, we offers Phenolic Compact Laminate, Density Board, Solid wood panels, Multi-layer solid wood panels,  and Chipboard for customers options. We recommend phenolic compact laminate. Definitely, clients can choose the tabletop material accordingly.

Phenolic Compact Laminate


Density Board

We also offer different style for clients alternatives. We recommend electric dual motor desk.

Pneumatic Desk

Pneumatic Desk

Crank Manual Desk (1)

Crank Manual Desk

Desk Frame 1

Electric Dual Motor Desk

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