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General Surgery Instruments

  Surgical instruments are the basic instruments commonly used in surgery and are essential tools in surgery, and are divided into many types according to their structure and functional characteristics. They broadly include surgical scissors, surgical forceps, surgical forceps, etc.

Medical scissors series

Express Tissue scissors

Precision surgical scissors

Express Surgical Scissors

Fine Shear

Fine small vessel shears

Fine Anatomical Shears

Integrated Organizational Shears

Surgical scissors

Organizational cutting

Hemostatic forceps series

  A hemostat is a surgical instrument that blocks blood by clamping a blood vessel. It is a surgical instrument that is used to resuscitate a patient in a bleeding situation by clamping a large artery of a blood vessel with hemostatic forceps to prevent blood from flowing out after taking a hemostatic drug.

Hemostatic Forceps

Thoracic hemostatic forceps

Precision hemostatic forceps

Instrument clamp series

  Instrument forceps are forceps that assist in the grasping of other materials during surgery, including sponges, surgical towels, suture needles, etc.

No plating paw towel clamp

Thoracic pen clamp

Needle-holding clamp

Sponge Clamp

Needle-holding clamp with inserts

Micro-needle holding clamp

Medical Tweezers

  Medical forceps are commonly used in surgery to hold, lift, and separate tissue, to support collapsed vessel walls, and to assist with needle insertion, attachment, and knot tying.

Thoracic medical tweezer

Tissue tweezers

Dressing Tweezers

Damage-free tweezers

Ophthalmic Tweezers

Plastic Tweezers