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What are the two most important points that determine whether an electric lift table is good or bad?

In fact, the quality of the lifting table is mainly in the two points of durability and lifting distance.

Nowadays, in addition to the height of the general lifting table, you can also choose the length of the tabletop. However, if we generally buy the lifting table, we usually look at the two points mentioned before.

1. Durability

Durability refers to the durability of the motor during the lifting process of the lifting table; because the height of each lifting table is actually controlled by the rotation of the motor

Therefore, the quality of the motor determines the quality of use of the lifting table.

And this one can be ranked like this:

Multiple motors>Dual motors>Single motors

Brand Certification Motor>Unknown Brand Motor

There are two points for the lifting distance. The first point refers to the height of the lifting, that is, the difference between the highest and the lowest position of each lifting table, which can determine the lifting crowd suitable for the lifting table.

The second point is something that many people don’t know, and that is the gap between lifting and lowering. The lifting gap refers to how much you can control the minimum distance of each lifting. The smaller the distance, the better. The lifting gap is controlled at 1 mm. You can adjust it from 1 mm to 1 mm until you find your most comfortable height.

2. The lifting distance