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Nursing Medical Disposables

  Nursing medical supplies are disposable sanitary materials that are often used in hospitals in the course of carrying out medical services, and although they are of low value, they are also essential tools in surgery. By and large, they include medical dressings, catheter fixation decoration, medical masks, medical gloves, surgical sutures, etc.

Body surface catheter fixation device

  The body surface catheter fixation device is a professional medical catheter fixation device, consisting of a catheter fixation patch, sterile dressing pad, simple latch, and transparent fixation disc, clinically used for the fixation of various catheters, with the advantages of the firm, simple, quick, transparent, beautiful, and preventing infection.

Hemodialysis catheter fixation

Various drainage catheter fixation

Central vein, hemodialysis catheter fixation

Catheter fixation

Universal fixation sticker

Retention needle fixation H1

Central venous catheter fixation

Retention needle fixation D3

Nasogastric (intestinal) tube fixation L1

Nasogastric (intestinal) tube fixation L2

Bedside monitoring catheter fixation

Tracheotomy intubation fixation

Transoral endotracheal intubation

Indwelling needle fixation H2

Indwelling needle fixation D2

Protection supplies

KN95 Masks

Surgical Gown