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What are the characteristics of phenolic compact laminate bathroom partitions?

       In the public bathroom partition commonly used materials in the phenolic compact laminate itself, performance has no affinity for water, so whether it’s in the waterproof effect or in the moisture, phenolic compact laminate panels are slightly better than other partition panels. The chemical stability of the substrate of the phenolic compact laminate board can withstand the erosion of almost all kinds of acid and alkali substances, so it can also fully win the task in the face of the bathroom environment containing acidic substances.

1、Waterproof and waterproof performance: phenolic resin high-pressure board has a low water absorption rate, it will not accept water and make the color paper surface and kraft paper separate, so it can be flushed directly.

2, strong collocation: a variety of colors can be chosen to create a good visual effect.

3, with high hardness and strong anti-collision characteristics: compared with general materials, its hardness is very high, and anti-collision force is also strong, suitable for public places, or easy to be destroyed by people.

4, acid and alkali resistance: high temperature and high-pressure treatment, for the general acid and alkali will not have any chemical reaction, suitable for the bathroom, shower, and laboratory.


5, wear-resistant anti-scratch performance: phenolic resin high-pressure plate by high temperature and high-pressure treatment, the surface wear-resistant scratch-resistant, suitable for public places.

6、Smoke and fire resistance: phenolic resin high-pressure board reaches the fire b2 level standard, will not be burned by the smoke marks, safe and reliable.

7、Space saving: the board is 12mm thick, which is more economical than traditional brick walls.