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Phenolic Lockers

    Phenolic lockers, also known as HPL lockers, are also known as Compact Laminate Lockers. Compact Laminate has a very high density, close to 1.5 kg per cubic meter, and is super impact resistant. At the same time, it has unique advantages in terms of resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, moisture, water, and fire. Therefore, it is often used to make Phenolic Lockers for schools, factories, shopping malls, gymnasiums, and other places, and it is highly appreciated by customers.


Width: Recommended 300mm, Customized accordingly

Depth:Recommended 400mm, Customized accordingly

Height: Recommended 1800mm, Customized accordingly

Panel Thickness: Regular 12mm

Shape: Regular Style, Z Style, Customized Accordingly

Color: Grey, White, Blue, Customized

Application: School, factory, gym, super market, etc.

Delivery: 35days after receving deposit

    The company prides itself on supplying top-notch phenolic locker hardware – locks, hinges, handles, etc. – that caters to all your needs. Striving for excellence, our dedicated team constantly innovates, offering products that will provide you with unparalleled security and functionality. Our rigorous standards for quality assurance guarantee that every product is thoroughly inspected, tested, and functional, giving you peace of mind. Instead of scouring the internet for alternative products, choose us as your one-stop shop for all your HPL locker hardware needs. Our professionals will provide nothing but the best service and outstanding support. Trust us to deliver exceptional and durable products that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Phenolic Locker Hardware


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