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Phenolic Laminate Tabletops

    Phenolic Resin Laminate, also known as High-Pressure Laminate, is used for a wide range of table tops, such as dining tables, student desks, factory workstations, etc. The most widely used is the laboratory worktop. Because Phenolic Compact Laminate is resistant to acid and alkali, has high density, high hardness, impact resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, and a series of other points, in the actual application, by the customer’s consistent praise.


Thickness: 12mm~25mm

Dimension: Dia 600mm, Dia 700mm, 600mm*1200mm, Customized

Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle, Elliptical, Customized

Color: Grey, White, Blue, Red, Green, Wood Grain, Customized

Application: School, Resturant, Canteen, Super Market, etc.

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