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Ergonomic Adjustable Desks

  From the human evolutionary process experienced walking on all fours to walking upright, after research scholars on the world history of furniture development found that: humans walking upright in their daily activities found that sitting is conducive to reducing fatigue, thus inventing the sitting furniture. This way of sitting down to work was inherited, but as people sit in the office for longer and longer, people gradually realized that sitting is not conducive to the improvement of efficiency, people began to try to sit and stand in alternate offices, gradually ergonomic adjustable desks also emerged, the use of lift table standing office has become a popular way of health office.

HPL Lockers

  HPL lockers are widely used in schools, swimming pools, saunas and leisure centers, shopping malls, and other places, and are the personal butler of your personal belongings. It is not like the traditional iron locker, easy to rust, is not resistant to impact, easy to breed bacteria, and produces odor. Made of 100% resin fiberboard, it has superior performance that cannot be compared with traditional lockers. It can be equipped with advanced locks, coin locks, number plates, and wristbands, etc. Rich in style, solid and durable, it is the first choice for modern urban leisure life.

HPL Cubicle Partitions

  The choice of materials is crucial in the toilet revolution process. HPL toilet partition has quite strong strength, which is very important for toilet partitions, especially for public places bathrooms partitions, its role can not be underestimated. The HPL cubicle partition also has very good waterproof and corrosion resistance, and also in the fire performance is better than other partition panels.

Cubicle Partition Accessories

  The cubicle partition accessories are the most factor who depends if the partition can last long, including supporting legs, hinges, lock Indicates, Handles, Hooks, brackets and so on. 304 stainless steel material is widely used. It can protect from water.

Supporting leg(Pedestal)






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