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Surgical Medical Disposables

  Surgical medical disposables generally refer to consumable medical devices that are very important to safety, must be strictly controlled in production and use, are limited to certain specialties, and are relatively expensive. Including ultrasonic knife, electric anastomosis, manual anastomosis, etc.

Electric Endoscopic Linear Anastomosis

Universal Endoscopic Linear Cutting Clutch

Linear cutting anastomosis and nail cartridges

Disposable Tubular Gastrointestinal Anastomosis

Disposable Anal Anastomosis Clutch and Accessories

Disposable puncture device for laparoscopy (knifeless type)

Disposable endoscopic specimen pick-up bags

Disposable minimally invasive fascial sutures

Disposable incision protection sleeve (fixed height)

Disposable skin anastomosis and accessories

Disposable Circumcision Anastomosis Clutch

Disposable Anal Ligature Anastomosis Clutch