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How to distinguish between PP and PA when choosing toilet partition accessories?

    The choice of accessories is also a crucial factor when determining the construction plan for a toilet partition project. If the customer tends to choose plastic parts when, then choosing PP or nylon (PA), is a difficult problem. We hope our elaboration can help you choose the right product.

First, PP and PA both material comparison

     PP is crystalline plastic, lightweight, but high-temperature rigidity is insufficient, and low temperature brittle, poor environmental resistance, tensile strength anisotropy, products are easy to deform, creep performance is large, and do not tolerate long-term load. PA is polyamide of the English Polyamide abbreviation, it is an important engineering plastic, produced in the five major general engineering plastics in the first place. Compared with general plastics, it has the advantages of being wear-resistant, strong, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and so on. It has high tensile strength and impact strength at room temperature, and it can be used in a wide range of temperatures, generally up to -40℃ – 100℃. Therefore, from the characteristics of the material, nylon material to produce toilet partition accessories the degree of robustness and durability is significantly better than the PP material fittings.

Second, PP and PA both material price comparison

     At present, the raw material price of nylon is about 3 times that of PP, and the production process is relatively complex, so the price of toilet partition fittings made of nylon material will be more than 3 times more expensive than that of PP.

Third, the appearance of PP and PA products are the same, and the distinction between materials

    The appearance of the two looks similar, the general user is more likely to confuse the toilet partition fittings material as PP or nylon. So some merchants on the market to the second best, misleading some customers, but also for the bathroom project has buried the quality of hidden danger. How do distinguish between PP and nylon, in fact, you can use two simple methods:
1. Eye appearance method. Nylon material made of partition fittings from the appearance of the colour and lustre oily and bright, and can maintain a long-term gloss, feel heavy and sturdy, the longer the toughness of the longer the use the stronger the PP material fittings, its colour and brightness will be slightly dull when used less than 1 month after more obvious, and relatively lightweight.
2. Burning method. Take a small number of samples to be distinguished by fire, nylon will release a fragrant gas, PP combustion will release a fishy gas.

    Although PP material fittings have many shortcomings, and even can say that PP material is not suitable for bathroom partition hardware, there are still a lot of customers the use such fittings, the main reason is that PP material fittings are cheap. But as a bathroom partition project, the cost of fittings actually accounted for a very small proportion of the project cost, but very important, so in addition to considering the construction cost factors, it is more important to consider the quality of the project, if it is to save a little bit of fittings cost and choose the wrong partition fittings, often may affect the quality of the whole project.

    This situation is especially obvious in the northern region, due to the northern region of winter weather being very cold, if the installation of bathroom partition is made of PP material fittings, these fittings due to the characteristics of the material itself, meet the low temperature is easy to be brittle and intolerant of load, hinges will be prone to deformation, the bracket is easy to fracture, the seriousness of the bathroom may be collapsed. This not only brings inconvenience to the user but the construction unit will also be required to rework frequently, we must know that frequent rework is actually an increase in the cost of construction costs, the result may be a “chicken can not eat the rice”. Therefore, in the possibility of severe cold temperatures in the region to carry out the project, it is recommended that the best still use high-quality nylon fittings, because the nylon material can withstand the cold and toughness will increase with the use of time and increase.

    Business pursuit of efficiency is right, but not all benefit-oriented, to quality and efficiency at the same time to harvest. In short, a quality project can not be separated from good accessories, both the user and the construction unit should pay attention to this and carefully select, it so as not to end up because of the “small” lost “big”.