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What are the clinical applications of the ultrasonic surgery scalpel?

What are the clinical applications of the ultrasonic surgery scalpel?

  Although the ultrasonic surgery scalpel is called a knife, it is not really a knife, but a high-energy focused ultrasound instrument.
  The working principle of the ultrasonic surgery scalpel is to use the electrostriction effect or magnetostriction effect to convert ultrasonic electric energy into mechanical energy, and through the amplification and coupling effect of the variable amplitude rod, to push the knife head to work and radiate energy to human local tissues, so as to carry out surgical treatment.

  Ultrasonic surgery scalpel is clinically used for cutting and coagulation, cataract emulsification, tumor attraction removal, liposuction, etc.
  It has the best effect on tissues containing more water and less collagen, such as the brain, liver, spleen, and other organs, while it has little effect on tissues with more collagen, such as blood vessels and fascia.
  Clinical applications are mainly in brain surgery, neurosurgical tumors, liver tumors, resection of various tumors in thoracic surgery, fat aspiration, and resection of various water-rich cellular tissues.
  In recent years its field of use has covered ophthalmology, brain surgery, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, pediatric surgery, and pentalogy.